Interested in joining a virtual learning community to reduce NEC and improve NEC care in your NICU?

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We are gathering a list of potential participants for the next cohort of NeoECHO. NeoECHO is a neonatal "Project ECHO" experience focused on quality improvement using the NEC-Zero bundle. The quality improvement teams will deeply learn about the NEC-Zero toolkit and strategies to implement NEC avoidance practices in reliable, consistent and repeatable ways. The next cohort could start as early as October 2021. Though that may seem far away, we are looking for NICUs to sign up now. We will contact you with more information about the process. We look forward to answering your questions! Please contact Dr. Sheila Gephart at

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NeoECHO Project Team

Sheila Gephart, PhD, RN

Sheila Gephart, PhD, RN

Associate Professor, Nursing

Katherine Newnam

Katherine Newnam, PhD, RN, CPNP, NNP-BC

Associate Professor, University of Tennessee

Kimberly Shea

Kimberly Shea, PhD, RN, CHPN

Clinical Professor, Nursing

Alyssa Weiss

Alyssa Weiss, PhD, NNP-BC

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program Director, Old Dominion University

Christina Wyles, RN, MS, MLIS

Christina Wyles, RN, MS, MLIS

Program Coordinator, NEC-Zero Project

Contact Information

Sheila Gephart, PhD, RN
Associate Professor